Friday, 4 January 2013


I have received my first official fan fiction! It's a small blurb that my dear friend, Keli, wrote for one of my side characters, Nimh. While Nimh did not have a large role in my first novel, she will in the second.

Nimh's grandmother was a sorcerous. Before Nimh was born, her grandmother made a deal with a demon. In order to gain power from the demon, she had to pay a price. The price that the demon required was that her granddaughter be cursed with visions of the future upon birth. The grandmother made the bargain, sealing her grandchild's fate before her birth.

Doesn't sound so bad, right? Except that the visions are hardly coherent and often involve catastrophic events that she cannot prevent. The visions extract a lot of energy, weakening her, and bares a lot of similarity to seizures when she has them.

And so, without further delay, here is Keli's take on our dear Nimh:

  • "I woke up with this... monologue in Nimh's voice in my head... 'I grew up in a world where dreams come true... Sounds great, right? Not so much.... It can actually be terrifying. Okay so maybe I'm being a little bit dramatic. But really, my dreams do come true, most of them anyway.

    • I was blessed/cursed (I have a hard time deciding sometimes) with foresight. Not foresight, like I always make the right choices, I am human, afterall, more like I'm an out of whack oracle. when the future wants me to know something... whether or not I want to know, it tells me.

      • I get flashes of the future, like deja-vu on steroids. I'm working to learn to control my ability, to use it. and for the most part, I'm beginning to figure it out... but I have this friend, and it freaks me out because she is the one person on the planet (whom i've met so far) that I just can't see... In advance, I mean."

        Keli recently came with me to SF Contario and actually cosplayed Nimhaway at the convention. Not only did she make a fabulous Nimh, but she was also a life line in many situations. She helped to make my first convention a success. 

        Many thanks, Keli!

        Keli as Nimhaway Sf Contario 2012


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