Saturday, 9 February 2013


Vlogging! So, while in dire straits, I turn my attention instead to youtube. Yes, youtube. It all started with my friend Kristin who is big into filming. She loves making videos and I have to say, she is fantastic at it. In addition, she is a hardcore youtuber and has sucked me in to the youtube universe. I never thought I'd see the day I actually subscribed to someone's channel (currently dug in like a tick to Olan Roger's feed), but low and behold, I'm on crack-- youtube crack.

This evening marked our first official filming. We're starting with the introduction of ourselves and the concept behind what we're calling Nerdspin. Our episodes are going to focus on what makes a nerd, different kinds of nerds, and whether we are nerdy enough ;)

I don't know if it was the excitement of filming that caused me to start my own youtube channel or if it was the impatience of waiting for today that did it, but I've been filming like crazy.

I cannot say with sincerity that my life is all that interesting, so I instead decided to focus on Faolan:

It's a morning ritual of ours: Faolan stares at me until I tell him it's ok to jump into bed. It's... mostly annoying, but sometimes hilarious ;)

With my new inspirada in gear, I decided on a little filming of an outdoor adventure:

With my writing and artist's careers started, my knowledge of the outdoors and nature, and my general hilarity, I hope to leave a humourous presence on youtube. 

Looking forward to posting some Nerspin--


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