Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ad Astra

Um, yes. Very much yes. Ad Astra was a blast, more than a blast-- a profusion of fun, hilarity, and one hell of a good time.

Note the sheer passion in my reading.

I enjoyed every panel I sat on and participated in. Disney Karaoke made my Friday and I can't say I've met so many intelligent, kind, and creative people in one weekend ever. Sf Contario was a great time too-- and I plan on going back next year, but Ad Astra has stolen my heart!

The thrill of having people come to my reading without being hog-tied and gagged was incredible. I went to the room at the designated time and Mike and Ann were there waiting for a reading. I signed a book for them and wrote that they have a special place in my heart because they do, damn it. Thank you again to Ann and Mike for your support and for being my  very first real listeners!

Don't worry Filkers, I haven't forgotten you. I will never forget how kind you were when I not only stole your panel room, but coerced you into listening to my reading and buying my book, hah! What great sports and what great people!

I am sad to say I only got to catch up with the members of Filk Ontario briefly, but I hope to see them at more events soon.

Next year I'd like to rent a room, not only because I want to be able to party, but also because I missed out on so much. My wonderful friend, Laura, put my dog and myself up for the weekend and while I am ever so grateful for her generosity  I'd like to bring Faloan with me to the hotel so that I might partake in as much as I can and have a room for Faolan to retire if gets to be too much for him.

Random interview, booyashaka!

Speaking of Faolan, he was more of a hit than I was. I decided to bring him with me the last day (as he almost destroyed my friend's apartment) and could not get more than a foot at a time! People stopped me to ask if they could pet him, what breed he was, and what his name was. At first he seemed to flourish in the attention, but later it became clear he was over tired.

It just so happened that my last panel was called Animals in Fiction, it could not have been more perfect for me to bring him along! Naturally my fellow panelists had to get their pats in too.

Having sold out of books, sold some through The Book Scouts, and met so many amazing people and contacts, I'd say the weekend was more than a success.

Thank you again to everyone at Ad Astra who put this great convention together and made it what it was!


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