Thursday, 4 April 2013

Comics and Conventions!

Hello my darling minions! It has been too long. Now that I am happily living out of boxes in my new home, I am ready to attend to the important things. Like playing around with the idea of a new comic:

The idea being that I like unicorns and I need to practice drawing and colouring in photoshop.

The process so far:

1. Draw line art on a piece of paper
2. Take a picture of it
3. Trace on the computer
4. Colour on the computer
5. Take an old photo, make it look cartoonish and make it the background.

Viola! Now you have the picture above. I really like the way it looks and am thinking I'll create a comic about this unicorn who takes care of the animals in her forest; drawing the characters, but using photos from real places to create the background images. When I turn Detective Docherty into a comic book, I fully plan on using this method. I absolutely love it. Taking pictures around Toronto would not only be fun, but really add some spice to the story.

Speaking of Detective Docherty, I am attending Ad-Astra! I am STOKED! Thanks to James Bambury, the fiction writer, I was invited to join in on the fun this weekend. I'll be doing a reading and sitting in on some panels for discussion. Thank you, James!

I shall have some partners in crime tagging along with me to help get set up and to put me up while I'm in town doing the convention. It's always a pleasure having the comfort of friends when attending a public event. I love crowds and connecting with people, but am always grateful for backup.

I plan on bringing a fabulous magnifying glass I found to represent Docherty's own, a test tube set for Ares, and a window prism for Alex. Thanks to my family, I now come with a 6 ft banner with my book and name on it for display.

Here's my tentative schedule for the weekend:

Friday 7 pm Franklin - What Is an eBook Worth?  
Friday 8 pm - Floor 2, Suite 2 - Reading (to 8:30)

Friday 9 pm Ellsemere East - Cross Promotion and Networking in the Age of Social Media

Saturday 3 pm Franklin - Hey Come Back Here!  

Sunday 12 pm Arctic - Animals In Fiction

For information on the programming, click here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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