Thursday, 18 July 2013


Zeddie and Tia. 

I am officially taking commissions for paintings.

I have a couple of paintings currently lined up and will possibly be doing some cover art. Naturally-- I`m stoked.

The above piece was finished this morning. My friend and client, Kristin, asked me to paint her African Grey Parrot, Tia, and her Savannah cat, Zeddie. When she asked if it were possible for me to put her two girls together in a painting-- I was like pffffffffft! I'm putting those babies in Africa!

 I wanted to paint them both in the savanna, but did not want to put too much detail in the background, hoping to keep focus on the two main subjects. I think it turned out a bit of all right :)

I've got a line up, but I am happy to take on more commissions.

I primarily work with pencil, charcoal, and pen, and acrylic, and watercolour, but I'm open to mixed media and multiple subjects. Check out my gallery for samples of my work and e mail inquires to:

WaterRaven's Art Gallery

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